Case study: Dike, Les Boucholeurs

Description of the application

proposed work are defined in strengthening and development for trading on protection of existing structures and the construction of a dike belt on northern and eastern parts Previously, the work will be the subject of a hydraulic study to determine the timing dimensions of structures in relation to the reference event (Xynthia +) and water levels can be achieved in the hydraulic locker determined by new development (see action sheet VII-4-3). The work should take into account the developments planned in the framework of the optimization of the hydraulic ressuyage Port Punay channel.

Implementation cost

Estimated financial cost for the implementation of the measures, given as a cost range.

Flood management measure

Which flood management measures have been applied? Multiple measures may be specified.


Country in which the application (case study) is located. In case of a transboundary application multiple countries are specified.

Responsible authority level

Level of Responsible Authority.

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