The Knowledge Base of Project ERMIS-F

The Knowledge Base section of the ERMIS-F project provides structured and unstructured flood management information to support local authorities, engineering consultants, contractors, local and non-governmental organizations as well as interested citizens and other stakeholders. The main categories of Knowledge Base data include:

Institutional arrangements and legislation at local, national, European and international level that refer to floods and that local and national authorities must follow. Measures and interventions capable of addressing flood risk and mitigating flood impacts, supported by the application of flood prevention measures and examples of successful management worldwide. Emphasis is placed on approved Management Plans and the measures recommended therein. All examples are also accessible through a Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as a selection of flood events that have been collected. Finally, Knowledge Base gives access to tools and models based mainly on free software that supports flood risk management studies.

Summary lists are provided for each category of data, from which users can navigate to the desired object's webpage for further information on the object's characteristics, correlations with other objects, and possibly view images of the object and its location on the map if it has a geo-reference.

The Knowledge Base provides the user with multiple options for searching and locating the requested information, including (a) advanced search on a combination of user-selected criteria, (b) pivot tables, and (c) searching for geographical information on the map (e.g.supports study areas).