Case study: Green roofs, Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Description of the application

An urban renewal programme in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark, included a rainwater collection system on the roofs. The water is then brought to a small-scale wastewater treatment plant in a dedicated building, ‘the Green House’, which treats the water to use it for the toilet flush in the building as well as for clothes washing.

Lessons learned

Some of these techniques are not completely commercially developed, and shall only be implemented once experience feedback is available

Implementation cost

Estimated financial cost for the implementation of the measures, given as a cost range.

Flood management measure

Which flood management measures have been applied? Multiple measures may be specified.


Projects from which information has been harvested. Multiple projects may be specified.


Country in which the application (case study) is located. In case of a transboundary application multiple countries are specified.

Responsible authority level

Level of Responsible Authority.

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